3 Days Chengdu Emeishan and Leshan Giant Buddha Tours


Chengdu is the home of giant Panda, and the giant panda breeding research base of Chengdu is the best place to visit these lovely creatures. More than 20 pandas are available there; it is a great fun to enjoy them in the half open yard.

Jinsha Site is the first important archaeological discovery in China in the 21st century, and the museum is built in theme park style especially for the protection, research and exhibition of the unearth relic discovered in the Jinsha Site. The Jinsha Site Museum is formed with some parts as following: relic museum, exhibition hall and relic protection centre, while other distraction is covered with grassland, creating a beautiful environment.
Emeishan is one of the four sacred Buddhism Mountains in China. Many ancient temples are scattered in the deep mountain, also the nature here is beautiful, dense forest, naughty monkeys, clean rivers, more that our expectation!

Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in the world and it has long been enlisted as the world Culture Relics Heritage by UNESCO. About 120 kilometers' express way from Chengdu, almost 2 hours driving, you can reach this mysterious place. People can enjoy the giant from its front by cruise, and people can also walk down from his head to his foot. His foot provides the space for 20 people standing! And the latest discovery shows us another magic wonder: the whole mountain is just like a Buddha sleeping on the Minjiang River, and the statue of giant Buddha is just sitting in the heart!

Huanglongxi is an ancient town with a history of more than 1,700 years, and now a hot tourism destination in the suburb of Chengdu. With rich natural and human landscape, Huanglongxi has deep cultural deposits, showing kinds of beauty as a resting-on-water town.

In our tour, you will have chance to see the scenic spots both in Chengdu city and the nearby places.

Basic Information

Category: Domestic Packages

Duration: 3 Days

Tour Code: BAP000224

Attractions: Wide and Narrow Alley,Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center,Luocheng Old Town,Leshan Giant Buddha,Mt. Emei

Brief Itinerary

Day1. Panda Garden, Factory Memory Park, Kuanxiangzi, Bamboo Garden, Culture Revolution Hot pot
Day2. Luocheng Old Town , Leshan Giant Buddha, Emeishan.
Day3. Emeishan.

Detailed Itinerary

  • D 1

    Day 1 Chengdu Chengdu

  • Your Chengdu tour starts in the early morning today, the guide from China Exploration will pick up you at your hotel, and then head for the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in the suburb, just 10 kms north to Chengdu, where you can see the lovely pandas making various funny movement in eating and playing, also it is a good chance to take picture for them. It is free! The most amazing is that you can also hold a panda in your arms to take picture by donating some money to the panda base. And it is also a pleasant experience to walk in the wide garden of bamboo.

    After the tour in Panda Garden, your guide take to you an interesting park of Factory Memory. It was built on the base of old factory actually. The East suburb of Chengdu was known for its many large factory, but now they have all been moved out of the city, and a park was built on their site. It is an interesting park mixed with both old factory and modern pop culture.

    China Exploration always want to arrange the special food to our clients. So today you will also enjoy delicious Sichuan Snack here. Snack is the easiest food in Chengdu reminding people of the old and sweat history.

    After lunch, you will walk in the Wide and Narrow Alley built about 300 years ago. Although many of western coffee, bars have occupied here, you can still trace the ancient history through the square yard and wooden door. About 1 hour's visit here. It is also a good place for photographers.

    In the late afternoon your guide will take you to Bamboo Garden, also called Wangjiang Park, built 1000 years ago. It is to commemorate famous women poet Ms Xutao in Tang dynasty. The highlight of the park is also its forests boasting of 100 varieties of bamboo. You will be enthralled as you walk beside the yellow columns of bamboo; you can also hear the exquisite sound when the green leaves sway with the wind. And if you are tired of walking, you can always take rest under the wonderful shade created by the green leaves of the bamboo trees.

    Hot Pot of Chengdu is well known in China, hot and spicy, No matter in winter nor in hot summer the hot pot restaurants are full of locals. People believe eating around the round pot means friendship and uniting. Naturally China Exploration will not miss the good chance to show you the delicious food of Chengdu. At dinner your guide will take you to a special hot pot restaurant, the Culture Revolution Hot Pot, from the decor to the waiters, all in Cultural Revolution Style. Here you will try this magic food as well as experience the magic history by enjoying the songs during revolution time!

    After dinner your guide will send you back your hotel, have a good rest in hotel, and prepare for next day's tour.
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  • D 2

    Day 2 Chengdu Leshan Emei

  • Your Chengdu tour starts still in the early morning, you will head for Luocheng Old Town in about 2 hours on the express way. You will enjoy the wide Sichuan plain en route.

    Luocheng Old Street still remains in its original state of less tourist due to its out of beaten track. Although Luocheng is a very small street, it is impressive to watch local old people chatting and playing Chinese bridge card in the old style tea house with satisfaction to their simple life. Also you will enjoy the authentic countryside.

    After tour in Luocheng, you will continue half an hour's driving to Leshan. China Exploration always want to arrange the special food to our clients. So today you will also enjoy delicious Xiba Bean curd banquet here. Bean curd is one of the most popular food in China, and the bean curd of Xiba is the most famous in Chengdu. All of the dishes will be made of famous Xiba Bean Curd.

    After lunch, you will enjoy the wonder of ' Buddha is the hill and the hill is a Buddha ' at the other side of Minjiang river. And then you will walk up the Leshan Giant Buddha. You will visit Linyun temple firstly, and then walk down the zigzagging trail in the left side of Buddha. The Buddha is a small mountain, from its head to shoulder, and from leg to foot, about 30 minutes hiking. And then you need to hike up from its right side again. It is also a good place to view Leshan city cross the joint of Minjiang River, Dadu River and Qingyi River. And then you will walk about 30 minutes to Wuyou temple, where you can enjoy the statue of 500 Arhats.

    In the late afternoon, your guide will take you to Emeishan for night in half an hour's driving. You will stay one night at the foot of beautiful Mt. Emeishan, also a Chinese style dinner will be arranged in hotel. And the hot spring of Emeishan is famous here, so we'd like to suggest you buying yourself a hot spring bath as prize of today's tour.
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  • D 3

    Day 3 Emei Chengdu (B,L)

  • After a good sleeping, get up in the early morning, and then your pilgrimage tour to Emeishan mountain starts. You will firstly take local environment bus to the Golden summit of mountain. It is a beautiful but huge mountain, taking more than 1 hour's driving to the parking ground of Leidongping. After you get off the bus, you will continue walking about 30 minutes to the start of cable car. It is a mountain trail, and you may encounter some monkeys begging food in the mountain trail. And after 30 minute's cable car, you will arrive at the top of Emeishan mountain. When sky is clear, you can overlook the Sichuan Basin, or even see the snow peak of Mt Gongka hundreds miles away. And the huge golden Buddha Statue is looking into 10 directions by his 10 faces.

    After lunch, you will take cable car and environment bus back the foot of the mountain, and then walk to Tiger Subduing Temple, also called Fuhu temple at the foot of mountain. It is a beautiful temples of nuns, exquisite, ancient , and less tourist tracking.

    In the late afternoon your guide will take you back Chengdu. It is 2 hours' driving again, just enough for you to have a short time's nap in your car. Yes, it is a bit tired after one day's mountain tour. Your guide will send you back hotel, and your Chengdu tour will be finished with sweet memory.
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Refund Policy

1 . 3 days before departure 100% of the price

2 . 2 days before departure 90% of the price

3 . 1 days before departure 80% of the price

Price Includes

-Entrance ticket. The entrance ticket of Panda Garden and Giant Buddha Statue, which included Linyun temple, Wuyou Temple and the Giant Buddha.
-Guide. An English speaking guide will be provided, who will accompany you from the start of tour to end of tour.
-Private Transfers during tour. Our guide and driver will pick-up you at your hotel on time and drop-off you after the tours. And an air-conditioned vehicle will be provided during the tour.
-Meals. Five meals will be provided as schedule listed, either in local flavor restaurants or local hotels.
-Hotel. We provide one night's hotel in Emeishan, every two people share one room, for group size of one, he will has a private room.
-Service Charge & Government Taxes.
-Insurance. We provide a free insurance of accident and casualty for each traveler. The highest refund is RMB 300000.00. Detailed terms please view our contract with Ping An of China.

Price Excludes

-Taking photo with panda in your arms.
-The cruise of Leshan. If you want to take cruise to enjoy the Buddha in its front side, you need to pay extra $12.00/p.p to buy the cruise ticket.
-The Hot Spring of Emeishan. It is about $ 25.00 /p.p.
-Tips to the guide and driver
-Your hotel in Chengdu.



The join-in package is mainly composed of Chinese tourist, so the hotels, meals, and programs are designed according to their character, also the guide speaks rare English,so the problems of communication and difference of Culture is existed obviously in spite of the cheap price. If it is not bearable for you, so we recommend you to choose our service of Free Bird, thus we only book the accommodation and flights for you, and you can deal the meals, tours and land transportation yourself, and you can get our support on phone. Anyway,Jiuzhaigou is a tour site of nature seeing by yourself, not culture.

If you require, we can book hotels in Chengdu, and make private airport and city tour necessary.

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